Cleaning your jewelry can cause harm if not properly done.

Silver and gold vermeil are soft and sensitive, so you should take extra caution when cleaning and polishing them. Both should be cleaned with fresh, soft, lint-free cloths, warm water and ammonia and phosphate free soap. Be especially careful with your gold vermeil and use a cotton or microfiber cloth. Don’t forget: vermeil is a layer, so it is bound to tarnish a bit over time. Fortunately, this is expected, acceptable and even adds character to your jewelry!

There are various natural and nonabrasive cleaners, such as baking soda with warm water, certain soaps and warm water, banana peals, toothpaste, aluminum foil, etc! Any of these will do, but be sure to stay away from chemical cleaners.

When polishing try to use back and forth, rather than circular, motions. Excessive polishing can deteriorate the plating, so be thorough but don’t overdo it!

You spend time picking out jewelry that suits you. Then, you spend money on buying it. So, don’t let your purchases tarnish and wear any quicker than they need to!

Most metals, like any other worn materials, eventually experience tarnish, erosion, and wear over time. Silver and gold plated silver (vermeil) are no exception. Educating yourself on jewelry care will prolong the quality of your rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories by keeping them unscathed and shining like new.

One basic thing to consider when caring for your jewelry is when you wear it.

Both silver and gold vermeil should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners, chlorine, perfumes, lotions, and even certain foods that contain sulfur (eggs, mustard, onions, garlic). All of these things can cause discoloring and corrosion. So, if you have a day of chores ahead of you, or you are headed for a swim or workout, or plan to prepare a meal, it’s best to keep your rings their box!

Storing your jewelry properly can add years to it’s life.

Anti-tarnish strips are a great way to protect your jewelry. These strips protect metal from discolouring, and can go into your jewelry box or airtight bags. Be sure to change them out for fresh strips regularly.

You should store your jewelry in a soft and padded box or pouch. Silver and vermeil are especially sensitive to heat and moisture, so make sure to store them in a dry, cool place. To avoid oxidation, silver and vermeil can be kept in an airtight or zip locked bag. Be sure, however, to not store multiple pieces of jewelry in the same bag, as entanglement and contact can chip the metal.

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