Silver24 is a trendy, UK based, online jewelry store. We design, produce, and ship high quality sterling silver jewelry and accessories.
Our workshop is bustling with a young, experienced, and passionate team of designers, photographers, and marketing strategists who follow the latest, most fashionable trends in jewelry. Having our own work space allows us to control all aspects of the production process - from choosing the best raw materials to quick, reliable packaging and shipping - in order to satisfy the needs of each individual customer. Our expertise and hands-on approach to jewelry allows us to offer a wide range of the most popular designs in the current market.
Each month we introduce around 100 new products like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. With value at the forefront of our focus, 100% of our jewelry is handmade or hand finished in order to provide our customers with top quality products. So take a look around, we’re happy to have you!
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